IXplore Spin High Resolution microscope system

IXplore Spin High Resolution microscope system consists of:

(1) fully motorized Olympus IX83 inverted imaging platform equiped with

(2) CSU-W1 spining disc confocal scanner, 2 digital sCMOS cameras, live-imaging chamber and CellSens Dimension with 3D Deconvolution solution Imaging

  • Motorized microscope with laser HW autofocus and live imaging chamber
    (Contact Person: assist. prof. Helena Motaln, PhD)

A motorized microscope with an emphasis on fully motorized control and a laser autofocus system that, by using two cameras for simultaneous signal capture in extremely short (millisecond intervals), enables the analysis of dynamic processes in cells, tissues and bacterial biofilms. These can be maintained under in vivo conditions in a special chamber directly on the microscope, throughout the entire experimental period. In addition to the temperature and automatic adjustment of the autofocus of the lenses, the system also allows control of the atmospheric microenvironment air/CO2. The system, using a fluorescent light source, enables the analysis of structural components of cells, the study of dynamic processes and the localization of molecules at the intracellular level.

  • Spinning disc device
    (Contact Person: prof. Boris Rogelj, PhD)

Spinning disk enables “live cell imaging”, microscopic analysis of living native samples. Due to the reduced cross-capture of the signal between the holes of the spinning disk (Nipkow disk), clear image capture of the signals of monolayers and thicker biological samples (tissue slices, spheroids or organoids) is enabled. The spinning disk is designed to capture a larger field of view (FOV). The improved built-in mechanism of the device enables the movements of the discs in the optical path in such a way that a very fast and easy confocal and non-confocal projection of images with fluorescence and phase contrast is enabled. Thanks to the enabled inputs and the system of simultaneous capture of signals with two cameras, it allows for the use of combinations of dyes in native samples and bservation over a longer period of time without photo-fading.

Equipment access:
The equipment is available to IJS departments and external users by prior arrangement (contact Boris.Rogelj@ijs.si, Helena.Motaln@ijs.si) within the working hours. The equipment can be used only by trained operators. The possibility of free use is offered in case of joint RR project, otherwise the use is charged according to the JSI price list.